3 21.12.2017

Geislinger innovation at wind & marine exhibitions

Geislinger Compowind® Coupling for the very first time presented in Beijing – marine exhibitions in Shanghai and Busan very well attended.

3 30.11.2017

Influence of dynamic stiffness on coupling applications

In order to select the optimal coupling in terms of size, reliability and specific application requirements, Geislinger provides many different coupling solutions. This article discusses options for sound-sensitive installations.

3 03.10.2017

Maximum efficiency and reliability even in rough seas

Geislinger Couplings and Dampers have to resist high loads while sailing in stormy weather – furthermore, load to the system is increased due to the energy efficiency index.

3 18.08.2017

Compowind® and its potential to reduce operational cost of wind turbines

Advances in design, material and drivetrain testing resulted in substantial improvements of wind turbine reliability. But with continuous growth in size, the risk of gearbox damage appears to be back on the agenda.

3 17.07.2017

Small, but packed with performance - tugboats and push boats in the US rely on Geislinger technology

On US waterways, tug- and push boats are essential for transporting bulk and over-sized goods on large barges from point to point. These powerful boats have to be available 24/7. Therefore, reliability and uptime are crucial factors.

3 29.05.2017

Torsional Vibration Symposium 2017

More than 220 participants from over 20 countries gathered together for the second Torsional Vibration Symposium to discuss the latest findings in the field of torsional vibrations.

3 18.04.2017

Geislinger Monitoring System with new features

From torsional vibration calculation to the monitoring of the system – Geislinger delivers everything from a single source and offers worldwide service.

3 02.02.2017

The world’s biggest dump trucks are equipped with the Geislinger Gesilco® Disc

The need to improve the operational efficiency of mining fleets has increased in the last few years, therefore mining trucks keep on getting bigger and bigger. Operating in mostly harsh conditions the reliability of these giants is crucial.

3 21.12.2016

Torsional Vibration Symposium 2017

The second Torsional Vibration Symposium, organised by the Vibration Association, will be held May 17th – 19th 2017 in Salzburg, Austria. The goal of the symposium is to organize a unique event for the international torsional vibration community.

3 29.11.2016

Geislinger GmbH - market leader with an international network

The succes of Geislinger GmbH in Salzburg (Austria) is based on a global network of subsidiaries and service partners.

3 24.10.2016

The official opening ceremony at Geislinger for its new office building in Bad St. Leonhard, Carinthia/Austria

Bold and daring architecture, composed of light, glass, and transparency translate Geislinger’s mission statement “Leaders in Engineering” on to the new office building in Carinthia.

3 16.09.2016

Geislinger presented its new Silenco® Coupling at SMM 2016

The launch of the new Geislinger Silenco® Coupling at SMM 2016 was a great success. Visitors could experience the acoustic attenuation of the Silenco® Coupling on their own, a truly unique experience.

3 26.08.2016

Geislinger Silenco® - designed to minimize sound transfer

The reduction of engine noise is one of the major issues that passenger ships as well as many other applications are struggling with. As a contribution to the environmental protection, Geislinger has developed the new Silenco® Acoustic Coupling.

3 06.07.2016

Architecture as a reflection of Geislinger’s corporate culture

Street lights designed and manufactured by Geislinger reflect the Headquarter’s innovative approach and create an ideal connection between interior and exterior.

3 11.05.2016

Various application examples of the Geislinger Compowind® Coupling

The Geislinger Compowind® is suitable for various wind turbine drivetrain concepts. According to the different demands of wind turbine manufacturers, the weight-saving coupling can be individually customized.

3 21.04.2016

The Pre-Post Study results of the Geislinger Compowind® Coupling

The Pre-Post Study results of the new Geislinger wind power coupling are of great interest for developers, decision-makers, and technicians in the wind industry.

3 24.03.2016

Geislinger Corporation - a solid partner for the Rail Market in the United States

Geislinger Corporation with its plant in Battle Creek, Michigan, has developed and maintained a close relationship with the Rail Market in the United States. The company has earned a solid reputation for products that are "Built to Last".

3 11.02.2016

One secret of Geislinger's success - sound technical training and innovative spirit

In 1973, Geislinger hired their first ever apprentice. He has stayed with Geislinger up to this day and enriches the company with his experience. Within Geislinger's corporate history, his career path is no exception.

3 10.12.2015

Cruise ships rely on Geislinger couplings and dampers

Cruise lines offer tourists new and even more exotic destinations all around the world. Several tours are being offered during the festive days around Christmas.

3 12.11.2015

Geislinger Vdamp®

Geislinger has developed with the Vdamp® a high-end product in the field of viscous dampers. This damper can be produced up to a diameter of 4 metres at the Geislinger factories in Austria, China or Korea.

3 02.09.2015

Geislinger Gesilco® shafts used for the fastest ferries in the world

Geislinger is well prepared for future challenges in the field of fibre composite products. Shafts up to 10 meters can be manufactured at the new Geislinger production site in Carinthia/Austria.

3 20.07.2015

Geislinger produces the largest damper with an outside diameter of four meters

The Asian market is an important field for Geislinger couplings and dampers. The sizes of Geislinger Korea’s production units range from 0.5 up to more than 4 meters in diameter.

3 18.06.2015

The official opening ceremony at Geislinger for its new factory building in Hallwang

Geislinger regards Austria’s economic location as an important key for success and has invested in the expansion of the production facilities at its headquarters in Salzburg and at its production site in Carinthia.

3 03.06.2015

Over 30 years' reliability of a Geislinger Damper

The Rockfort Diesel Station in Jamaica is equipped with a Geislinger Damper D 220/2. After more than 178 000 hours in operation, the damper is still in its best condition.

3 16.04.2015

Geislinger Compowind® enhances the reliability of wind turbines

Installed between the rotor and the gearbox, the Geislinger Compowind® protects the drivetrain through a significant reduction of non-torque loads.

3 30.03.2015

Rail road traffic relies on Geislinger products

Despite the increasing electrification of the railway infrastructure, diesel locomotives still play a major role. As a downtime of locomotives can cause high costs as well as logistic bottlenecks, reliability and longevity are crucial factors.

3 31.01.2015

Geislinger coupling in operation in Arctic and Antarctic regions

The legendary oceanographic research vessel “Professor Multanovskiy” was one of the first expedition vessels with which tourists could regularly travel to the Antarctic in smaller groups. Having to face harsh conditions of Arctic as well as Antarctic seas, “Professor Multanovskiy” relied on a Geislinger coupling BE 56/15/3 and an Airflex clutch 24 VC 1000.

3 18.12.2014

Geislinger Gesilco Disc

The Geislinger Gesilco Disc claims to be the state of the art coupling for closed coupled alternator applications. The flat membrane out of composite materials allows the perfect transmission of high torsional vibratory torques and radial forces at high engine speeds.

3 27.10.2014

The largest Geislinger coupling still in best condition after 70.000 hours in operation

The largest CRP-coupling ever produced at Geislinger is a BE 280/60/140U with a GMS Mark 4. Ten years ago this 36 ton coupling was installed in a VLCC mega-tanker. After 70.000 operating hours our CRP-coupling is in the best condition and therefore meets its demands for longevity and low maintenance costs.

3 22.09.2014

Geislinger Compowind®

The new Geislinger Compowind® couplings offer the possibility to connect windturbine blades with gears or direct driven generators.

3 14.08.2014

Geislinger BF63/50/2HSO/L

An enhanced BF-coupling, optimized for limited spaces. The Geislinger Gesilco coupling has been designed to compensate radial, axial and angular misalignments. This versatility allows Gesilco couplings to connect resiliently mounted engines to power trains and compensate for misalignments in virtually any other application.

3 16.07.2014

Geislinger Monitoring System (GMS-Mark5)

The Geislinger Monitoring system GMS is a torsional vibration measurement and monitoring system for large diesel engines.

3 10.06.2014

Geislinger Acoustics - How to reduce the transfer of structure borne sound in couplings

In many cases, torsional vibrations are a reason for the generation of noise emissions. The primary path of these sound transmissions usually goes from a source like the engine through the engine mount into the surrounding structure.

3 26.05.2014

Torsional Vibration Symposium 2014

The first Torsional Vibration Symposium was held in Salzburg from May 21st until May 23rd. 186 participants from more than 20 countries listened to 36 presentations.

3 09.05.2014

Influence of emission regulations and fuel saving technologies on torsional vibrations in large engine applications

Compliance with future emission regulation standards has been one of the main development targets for the large engine industry during the last years.