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With more than 50 years´experience Geislinger is one of the leading experts in providing solutions to control torsional vibrations. Every Geislinger product is tailor-made and thus perfectly suited to the application it is designed for.


The Geislinger Gesilco® product range is based on more than 20 years of experience in developing fibre composite couplings and shafts.

The maintenance-free composite membranes enable a lightweight, highly flexible misalignment coupling design.

Our corrugated carbon fibre membranes provide the lowest reaction force possible. This technology increases the system's reliability by protecting the drive line and bearings from overload. Different designs provide easy adaption to various connection interfaces.


The main components of the Geislinger Gesilco® coupling are:

  • Maintenance-free composite membranes
  • Composite shafts or one-piece intermediate sections
  • Spacers for length adjustment to

      accommodate the installation situation

Our couplings are made from advanced materials which are lifetime-calculated. They provide superior chemical resistance.

Geislinger Gesilco® shafts feature one-piece manu­facturing with an included composite flange. This combination reduces the weight by approximately 50% compared to other composite shaft line solutions. Outstanding shock capabilities and excellent acoustic attenuation further underline its use in advanced vessels running at high speeds.

    • Marine
    • Wind power
    • Power generation
    • Rail
    • Industrial applications
    • Torque range: up to 16 MNm
    • Ambient temperature: -45°C to 100°C
    • Angular misalignments: up to 6°
    • Lightweight
    • Maintenance-free
    • Excellent acoustic attenuation
    • Low reaction force


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