Product —  26 Feb 2024

Geislinger Dampers and Couplings Driving the Future of Hydrogen Technology

Products from Geislinger make an important contribution to the realization of the energy transition, especially in the context of green hydrogen technology. Compressors are essential in the production of hydrogen in order to produce, transport and store it efficiently. Geislinger’s couplings and dampers do not only enable smooth operation of compressors, but also make a significant contribution to their adaptability.

Geislinger dampers and couplings are key to the energy transition

  • Rotational speed variability for efficiency: Our products enable a precise adjustment to the rotational speed of the compressors. This is particularly important when it comes to the production of green hydrogen: Geislinger products make it possible to adapt the compressors to variable energy supplies from renewable sources. Thus, energy can be used efficiently, and the CO2 footprint can be minimized significantly.

Comparison of a compressor with and without damper.
Comparison of a compressor with and without damper.

  • Built to Last – Our commitment to longevity: At Geislinger, our products are not only designed for today’s challenges, but also for the future. We rely on the “Built to Last“-principle, which means that our dampers and coupling not only meet the highest standards, but are also designed for long-term, sustainable performance.
  • Sustainable materials and production: At Geislinger, we attach great importance to sustainable production practices. Our dampers and couplings are produced using environmentally friendly electricity thanks to our own solar power system to ensure that they are not only sustainable in their application, but also in their production.
  • Contribution to the energy transition: We understand that the energy transition is a global challenge. By supplying innovative products that increase the efficiency of compressors in hydrogen production, we want to play our part in promoting sustainable energy use worldwide.

We are proud to supply not only small, energy-efficient compressors with 100 kW, but also large, powerful models with impressive 40 MW. Below, we would like to show you some examples of how our dampers and coupling help compressors in various sizes to master the challenges of the energy transition.

Geislinger offers the ideal product solutions for all kinds of compressors.
Geislinger offers the ideal product solutions for all kinds of compressors.

  • Small compressors up to 100kw: Efficiency for decentralized applications: Our dampers and couplings are customized to support small compressors with an output of up to 100kW. These compact units are ideal for decentralised applications. Thanks to our technology, these small compressors can not only operate efficiently, but also respond to fluctuating energy supplies, which is particularly important for the use of renewable energy. Our dampers and couplings are designed to maximise the service life of small compressors. By precisely controlling the speed and minimising vibrations, we help to reduce wear and thus extend service intervals. Geislinger thus offers a sustainable solution that is not only reliable, but also minimised the need for regular maintenance.
  • Large compressors: Powerful and sustainable up to 40 MW: When it comes to large compressors with an impressive 40 MW, our dampers and couplings set new standards. These powerful units are indispensable for industrial applications and large energy infrastructures. Thanks to the adaptability of our products, these compressors can not only generate enormous quantities of compressed gas, but can also switch to alternating energy sources to ensure sustainable and reliable performance. For high performance compressors, we go one step further. Our dampers and couplings are robustly designed to withstand the extreme loads of industrial applications. This robust design not only helps to extend service life, but also minimised downtime, which is invaluable in industry.
  • Versatility for a sustainable future: The variety of our products enables us to serve a wide range of applications, from small, decentralized units to large industrial compressors. Whether in manufacturing, transport or power generation, our dampers and couplings help compressors of all sizes to work more efficiently and sustainably.

With our experience and our commitment to sustainability, we are your partner for the challenges of the energy transition. By focussing on longevity, we not only help to conserve resources, but also offer measurable added value for our customers. If you are looking for reliable products for compressors of all sizes that offer not only performance but also environmental friendliness and extend the service life of your equipment, Geislinger is the right partner for you.

Let’s shape the future together – from small decentralised applications to major industrial challenges. For further information, please contact us ad any time. Together we can create a sustainable and powerful future!

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