Product —  18 Dec 2014

Geislinger Gesilco® Disc

The Geislinger Gesilco® Disc claims to be the state of the art coupling for closed coupled alternator applications.

The flat membrane made out of composite materials allows the perfect transmission of high torsional vibratory torques and radial forces at high engine speeds. The Gesilco® Disc with its homokinetic non-magnetic and non-conductive properties is a maintenance free coupling solution even used in rough environmental conditions.

The Gesilco® Disc is made for rail or mining applications that operate in ambient temperatures from -60°C up to +60°C. It connects single bearing alternators with the combustion engine and isolates the engine craftshaft bearings from any potential electric corrosion problem. The nonconductive Gesilco® Disc can take high radial forces to support the biggest alternators and transmit the highest vibratory torques with very low reaction forces in normal engine ambience.

Geislinger is offering a tailor made Gesilco® Disc which can be used as a full replacement solution for any existing disc/metal sheet membranes with bolt connections.

Geislinger gesilco disc at generator article
Geislinger gesilco disc at generator article
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