Product —  20 Jul 2015

Geislinger produces the largest damper with an outside diameter of four meters

The Asian market is an important field for Geislinger couplings and dampers. The sizes of Geislinger Korea’s production units range from 0.5 up to more than 4 meters in diameter.

Geislinger’s Korean subsidiary, located near the new port in Busan, is logistically in an ideal position. The Geislinger Ltd. Factory, which was established in March 2013, already increased its production capacity threefold by June 2015.

Geislinger produces the largest dampers worldwide - the pictures show the production of the first Geislinger damper with an outer diameter of four meters, which will be delivered in July this year and installed into a large container vessel.

Geislinger d400 damper korea ltd article
Geislinger d400 damper korea ltd article

The main goal of Geislinger Korea is to produce couplings, spring dampers, and viscose dampers for the Asian market. The majority of all products which are manufactured in Korea are used for marine applications. Equipped with state of the art machine tools, Geislinger is prepared for future challenges.

To improve customer service and shorten delivery times, Geislinger locations and partners are based in the main markets worldwide. Besides the headquarters in Austria, Geislinger has production sites in the US, Japan, China and Korea.

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