Product —  26 Aug 2016

Geislinger Silenco® - designed to minimize sound transfer

The reduction of engine noise is one of the major issues that modern passenger ships as well as many other applications are struggling with. Over the course of recent years, more and more governmental and international regulations concerning the limitation of the environmental noise have been implemented. As a contribution to the environmental protection, Geislinger has developed the new Silenco® acoustic coupling which will be presented at the SMM in Hamburg in September 2016 for the first time.
Picture 1: Silenco®  Coupling
Picture 1: Silenco® Coupling

Engine noise is mainly transferred via the engine bearings into the ships’ hull, the bridge, the passenger cabins, as well as into the ocean, where the noise leads to a disturbance of sea life.

In recent years, active bearings have been introduced and passive bearings have become a lot more efficient in reducing the noise transfer of the “primary path”. Nowadays, the “secondary path” of the structure-borne noise is becoming an increasingly important issue. The structure-borne sound originates from the engine and the gearbox and is transferred through the power train into the ships structure and further on.

Geislinger’s contribution to this environmental issue is the development of the new lightweight Silenco® Coupling, designed to minimize the transfer of the structure-borne sound. Components with the best acoustical performance have been selected and further optimized for the modular system of the Geislinger Silenco® Coupling. Additionally, special flanges made out of a combination of composite material, rubber, and steel have been developed. Designed to avoid the resonance effects of its components, the Silenco® Coupling ensures a broadband reduction of the transfer of the structure-borne noise. The first prototype has been successfully tested by our Geislinger acoustic experts at the new test facility of Renk AG in Augsburg, Germany. The Geislinger Silenco® SC 140 coupling was tested under full power (4 MW) as a part of the new Renk Advanced Electric Drive (AED). In the future the Geislinger Silenco® will be an important component of this newly developed, ultra silent electric drive.

Picture 2 +3: Geislinger Silenco® acoustic coupling was successfully tested under full load at the new test facility of Renk AG, Augsburg.
Picture 2 +3: Geislinger Silenco® acoustic coupling was successfully tested under full load at the new test facility of Renk AG, Augsburg.

The Geislinger Silcenco® Coupling will soon be available in two different sizes: the Geislinger Silenco® SC 63 and the Geislinger Silenco® SC 140. Depending on the acoustical needs and the required torque, different versions of the components (flanges, membrane and shaft) will be available. Therefore, the new acoustic coupling sets new standards for the acoustic attenuation of powertrain systems. To learn more about the new Geislinger Silenco® Coupling, be sure to visit us at the SMM 2016 in Hamburg.