Application —  10 Dec 2020

Geislinger’s drivetrain solutions effectively reduce noise emission from wind turbines

Geislinger provides tailor-made and long-lasting product solutions for next-generation drivetrains and offers the appropriate product solution for both geared and direct-driven wind turbines to ensure the reliability and availability of the drivetrain on the one hand, and to effectively reduce noise emissions and avoid tonalities on the other.

With vast improvements in the aeroacoustics blade design over the past years, the mechanical noise from the drivetrain had become audible. Together with the growing sizes of onshore turbines, more stringent regulations and low wind speed operations, drivetrain noise and tonality are becoming increasingly challenging.

Geislinger powertrain solutions bear the potential to avoid turbine tonalities, respectively to reduce their overall sound pressure. In medium- and high-speed wind turbines, the Geislinger Damper, the Geislinger Vdamp® or the Geislinger Coupling are integrated directly to the gearbox and solve the problem at the source of the structure-borne noise, the excitation from the gear teeth. For direct drive wind turbines, the Geislinger Vdamp®, attached to the rotor of a direct-drive generator, dampens torsional excitations caused by pole transition. The resulting torsional mode, which is responsible for the formation of mechanical structure-borne noise and its propagations to the entire structure of the wind turbine, is thus effectively damped at its origin.

Geislinger damper solutions2
Geislinger damper solutions2

Geislinger is renown in the industry for the Compowind® Coupling, the torsional elastic LSS coupling made from fibre composite. Compowind is based on over 25 years of experience with Gesilco®-products, the Geislinger product line for couplings and shaft lines made of composite materials.

Since the company was founded in 1958, Geislinger has built up a comprehensive expertise in the field of torsional vibration calculations. Products like the Geislinger Coupling and the Geislinger torsional vibration damper along with its own calculation models form the backbone of the company.

This know-how makes it possible to create complex calculation models for reducing structure-borne noise in wind turbines and to develop customized products that help to effectively reduce structure-borne noise in wind turbines.

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