Insights —  11 Feb 2016

One secret of Geislinger’s success – sound technical training and innovative spirit

In 1973, Geislinger hired their first ever apprentice. He has stayed with Geislinger up to this day and enriches the company with his experience. Within Geislinger’s corporate history, his career path is no exception – a reflection of the company’s philosophy and its interest in long-term employment contracts and business development.

Long-term employment contracts are losing popularity in the business world, yet companies that are highly specialized in the field of engineering require equally specialized employees with years of experience and sound technical know-how. Therefore, Geislinger invests in the education of apprentices in their sites in Salzburg and Bad St. Leonhard. Within the European Union, Austria enjoys a great reputation regarding the level of education in engineering.

Geislinger hires students with a technical background and undertakes different activities in order to recruit potential staff. In addition to the standard recruiting measures, Geislinger also offers school graduates and students the possibility to stay with Geislinger for three days to gain insight into the trainee program. At present, nine apprentices are educated at the headquarters in Salzburg and 48 at the production site in Carinthia. Due to the high standards of Geislinger’s trainee program the apprentices gain sound knowledge in the field of steel and fibre reinforced plastic. After finishing the program, former trainees usually stay with Geislinger. The managing directors are proud of their motivated and highly qualified staff.

Geislinger’s worldwide success is based on extraordinary quality, customer orientation, tailor-made products, and leading innovations. While long-term employees provide experience and solid knowledge, the young staffs inspire the innovative approach. Flat hierarchies, teamwork, and the individual employee’s responsibility are the base of a unique work environment. Motivated employees stay with Geislinger for many years - a definite competitive advantage.

Geislinger gmbh human resoruces apprentices workshop exhibition article
Geislinger gmbh human resoruces apprentices workshop exhibition article
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