Product —  03 Jun 2015

Over 30 years’ reliability of a Geislinger Damper

The Rockfort Diesel Station in Jamaica is equipped with a Geislinger Damper D 220/2. After more than 178 000 hours in operation, the damper is still in its best condition.

Power plants as important source of energy

Diesel powered power stations are an important source of energy and are used especially in regions such as Latin America, Africa or Asia. Furthermore, islands or remote areas which are partly difficult to access are fields of this application. Due to the low oil price diesel electric power stations are a profitable source of energy. Worldwide our Geislinger Dampers are used for large engines in diesel powered plants, providing decentralized power supply.

Rockfort Diesel Station in Jamaica relies on a Geislinger Damper D 220/2

One example is the Rockfort Diesel Station of the Jamaica Public Service Company in East Kingston. It is equipped with two Geislinger Dampers D 220/2 on Mitsubishi-Sulzer 8 RL BF 80/90 engines. Although power plants normally operate with 4-stroke engines, 2-stroke engines were installed on the Diesel Station. Thus, in this case the steel-spring damper D 220/2 which is usually designed for marine application operates on land. Due to high efficiency and low operation cost the JPS Rockfort Power Plant is ranked as the 2nd best power plant in Jamaica. Bearing in mind that it was put into operation in 1985 and that it has been operating for 32 years now proves to be an excellent efficiency.

Geislinger damper smm 2014
Geislinger damper smm 2014

After more than 178 000 hours in operation still in its best condition

Since their installation in 1984 the last inspection of the Geislinger Dampers was carried out in 2011. Even after more than 178 000 hours in operation, they are still in their best condition. The Geislinger D 220/2 Dampers successfully protect the crankshaft of the engine, which is especially important for ensuring a reliable power supply.

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