Application —  08 Jun 2021

Powertrain technology for reliable and maintenance-free wind drivetrains

Geislinger’s Powertrain Solutions provide wind turbine manufacturers a significant advantage in the race for robustness, availability, and reliability.

The Geislinger Compowind® low-speed shaft (LSS) coupling is the ideal solution for next-generation, highly integrated medium-speed wind turbines. Low reaction forces of the composite coupling eliminate non-torque loads and lead to a significant improvement in the dynamic system behaviour.

The successful and proven application of a Compowind® LSS coupling in geared wind turbines can also be transferred to direct-drive wind turbines. In combination with a separated generator bearing, virtually all rotor shaft deflections causing bending moments are absorbed by the LSS coupling ( >90%). That allows the air gap between rotor and stator to be narrowed down for increased electrical efficiency and energy production. Simultaneously, hard body contacts even under severe operating conditions as well as control errors are avoided. Less structural loads allow the drivetrain structure to be optimized, resulting in reduced weight and reduced cost of the drivetrain. In addition, it reduces the transfer of structure borne noise significantly.

Every Compowind® coupling is carefully designed to meet the requested lifetime of the wind turbine. Fatigue-resistance is a result of using advanced composites and applying a reliable lifetime estimation model, which is developed in-house. This technology allows a simple and robust coupling design which is fully maintenance-free. No additional servicing cost occur during the entire wind turbine lifetime, no additional monitoring system is needed.

Additionally, the Geislinger Gesilco® Disc increases the reliability of drivetrains. The Gesilco® Disc Coupling has originally been designed for close coupled generator sets (one-bearing gensets) and it has proven its reliability in thousands of installations. In an integrated medium-speed drivetrain, the composite Disc couples the generator to the gearbox. Thanks to its electric isolation properties it safeguards the gearbox bearings from tracking currents and saves cost on other measures like isolating bearings, sine filters or grounding rings. As the Compowind® Coupling, the Gesilco® Disc is fatigue-resistant and maintenance-free. The coupling can handle misalignments in axial and angular directions and relieves the bearings from constraint forces.

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