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Sustainability at Geislinger

For many years, Geislinger has supported any means to protect our valuable environment. Its success has been validated by the company’s internal environmental programme and continuous re-certification of the ISO 14001 standard.

To reduce CO2 emissions, Geislinger has its own solar energy production supplying the modern and energy efficient facilities and offices. By using 100% electricity from renewable energy sources in Austria, Geislinger supports any means to protect our valuable environment. All packing materials for world-wide shipments either use an exchangeable transport system or renewable raw materials. Modern and efficient LED lights have been installed in all office and production areas to further reduce our energy footprint. In the parts’ production, the wastewater is treated and re-used by an in-house system, which significantly reduces the amount of fresh water required.

Geislinger products are tailor-made for each individual demand. Therefore, most compact, efficient and sustainable product solutions, supporting environmentally friendly propulsion systems, is our daily business.

  • Due to the individual calculation of the structural durability of our couplings, dampers and lightweight composite shaft lines, the products are designed in order to deliver the highest efficiency and power density. Thus, unnecessary material is saved in the production.
  • This also means that the weight of the products in the powertrain is not higher than necessary which has a positive impact on the overall system efficiency. This results in fuel and CO2 savings while running the application.
  • The dampers, as well as the steel spring couplings with a high damping effect, are calculated individually for each application. Damping also means that some energy generated by the engine is transferred to heat in order to minimize the torsional vibrations of the powertrain. The better the damper is adapted to the system, the less energy is lost during operations.
  • Our products are “built to last”. In many cases, they have the same lifetime as the engines or applications they are built for. Thus, there is no need for an additional service to exchange the coupling. This avoids unnecessary recycling.
  • Environmental responsibility certainly does not end with reduction of fuel consumption or the reduction of CO2 emissions. Noise is also harmful to our environment and especially to every single individuum. By designing our products individually, we also take care of the acoustic aspects. One example is the Geislinger Silenco® coupling with its modular design, which can be adapted to the individual customers’ needs. The following image shows a test of its acoustic performance for a 4 MW ultra-silent electric drive.

Geislinger silenco coupling sustainability
Geislinger silenco coupling sustainability

In addition, our steel products are all nearly 100% recyclable – making them a sustainable product solution. Geislinger aims at an environmentally conscious management and the responsible use of resources and has therefore implemented an efficient waste management system for the office buildings and the production facilities.

In addition, the physical and mental health and the steady development of our employees as well as a safe workplace is of our outmost concern. This is another important base for our long-lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers, built on trust and reliability.

The success of these developments has been validated by the company’s internal environmental program and proven by the continuous re-certification of the ISO 14001 standard.

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