Application —  31 Jul 2018

The fibre composite product line by Geislinger celebrates its 25th anniversary

Geislinger GmbH celebrates its 60th anniversary this year which coincides with 25 years of experience in manufacturing products made from fibre composites. Sold under the brand-name Gesilco® these products underline the innovative spirit of the company.

Geislinger was the first company to implement shaft-coupling combinations made from fibre composites for marine applications. In the early stages, the innovative solution by Geislinger faced much criticism. Many engineers did not believe that a coupling made from fibre composites could supplement a steel spring coupling.

The first Gesilco® couplings were implemented for marine applications: the 95-meter-long fast ferry “Albayzin” was equipped in 1994 with four Gesilco® Couplings GSC 90/45/2, in 1995 and 1996, the fast ferries “Alcantara” and “Almudaina” followed. Until these ferries were laid up after more than 20 years in operation, the Geislinger Gesilco® Couplings performed very well.

25 years Gesilco Article
25 years Gesilco Article

The 125-meter-long fast ferry “Silvia Ana L”, built in 1996, is equipped with eight Gesilco® Couplings GSC 56/56/2/1. Currently the “Silvia Ana” is operating between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Colonia, Uruguay. The 22-year-old fast-ferry has capacity for 1200 passengers and 200 cars. The ferry is powered by four 16-cylinder diesel engines with a maximum power of 33900 kW and it reaches a maximum speed of 38 knots.

Shortly after implementing the coupling it turned out that Geislinger did not only offer an innovative solution, but also a solution which improves the total dynamic behavior of the driveline. Gesilco® products are customized for specific applications and are characterized by their lightweight design. This results in a weight reduction of up to 90% compared to standard solutions and leads to a significant improvement in the dynamic drivetrain behavior. Furthermore, the low weight and good damping of the Gesilco® couplings improve the acoustical behavior of drivetrains.

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5 Elastically mounted 4 stroke engine mechanical driveline to z drive 180731 141436

Gesilco® products are maintenance-free, resistant to heat, frost, oil, and offer electrical insulation as an option. The use of advanced materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods give customers a competitive lead in the race for weight, enhancement of reliability, acoustical improvement, and reduction of operational cost.

The Austrian-based company manufactures misalignment couplings with complex structure and shafts with integrated flanges. Besides standard solutions, Gesilco® products are customized for specific applications.

Apart from conventional products like, for instance, the Gesilco® Butterfly Coupling or the Gesilco® Shaftline, products like the Geislinger Compowind® Windpower Coupling or the innovative Geislinger Silenco® Acoustic Coupling, launched in 2016, complete the product range.

Celebrate at SMM 2018 with us: Visit us at our booth and learn more about our innovative Gesilco® product range.

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