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With more than 50 years´experience Geislinger is one of the leading experts in providing solutions to control torsional vibrations. Every Geislinger product is tailor-made and thus perfectly suited to the application it is designed for.


The Geislinger Vdamp® is a viscous damper that protects crankshafts and camshafts from damage due to torsional vibrations.

The Geislinger Vdamp® is designed to deliver maximum performance under all conditions. With the arrival of the revolutionary Vdamp®XT, a damper concept is now available which extends service life while reducing service costs.

Geislinger Vdamps® are only available in bolted versions, making an overhaul easy to accomplish.


The Geislinger Vdamp® and Vdamp®XT protect engine camshafts and crankshafts from damage caused by torsional vibrations and help to avoid barred speed ranges. The Vdamp consists of two main elements: the housing, and the inertia ring. These parts are connected elastically by silicone oil and by high-tech polymer elements. In the event of excess vibration, the housing accelerates in relation to the inertia ring. This process shears the silicone oil, and damping occurs. Vibrational energy is transformed into heat and dissipated through the damper surface into the ambient air.

It is also possible to improve your propulsion system performance with a retrofit solution. In-house oil sampling at Geislinger ensures a rapid response and an extremely accurate lifetime forecast.

Sophisticated calculation methods, high endurance graphite bearings, and the unique lifetime extension system XT, make the Geislinger Vdamp® a proud member of the “Built to Last” family.

    • 2- and 4-stroke engines
    • Marine propulsion
    • Reciprocating compressors
    • Power generation
    • Industrial applications
    • Diameter: 300 mm to 4 m
    • Various oil viscosities available
    • Precise calculations
    • In-house oil sampling
    • Easy to overhaul
    • Geislinger quality


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