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Made of advanced composite materials to eliminate tonality challenges of next-generation big onshore wind turbines.

The new GESILCO® Silentshaft is made of advanced composite materials. The optimized torsional stiffness characteristics of the shaft isolate the drivetrain systems from vibrations and enable fine-tuning the frequency behaviour of the drivetrain. It is our newest solution for mitigating noise, vibration and harshness for onshore wind turbines.

Compared to steel sunshafts, the GESILCO® Silentshaft is significantly more efficient in mitigating tonalities, as shown in the graph. The GESILCO® Silentshaft perfectly complements Geislinger’s product range for mitigating parasitic loads and NVH in onshore wind turbines.

The GESILCO® Silentshaft Coupling is installed between the sun pinion and the generator rotor. The advanced fiber composite flange provides a direct connection to the generator rotor. The product is characterized by not being an ‘add-on’ solution, as it is substituting an existing element, significantly enhancing its performance.

Check out our new wind power application guide to find out more about the products and the GESILCO® Silentshaft Coupling. Geislinger-Application-Guide-Wind.pdf


  • Mitigation of tonalities
  • Optimized load situation and dynamic system behavior
  • Integrability to co-axial gearboxes
  • Avoidance of add-on NHV-products

Technical Data

  • Torque & Misalignment: Customized to your requirements
  • Ambient temperature: -45°C to 100°C


  • Power generation
  • Wind Power
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